Grunge American Flag Board Skin Wrap FREE LAMINATE Ripper Graphics

Grunge American Flag Board Skin Wrap FREE LAMINATE

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3 Ways To Buy:

All Cornhole Wraps are 24" by 48"

All Cornhole Skins are sold as a set of two (2)

Looking for a specific logo, contact us and we will list it for you.

All Wraps are digitally printed with Latex Ink on Automotive Grade Air Release Vinyl. This is the best ink on the market. This special vinyl allows you to eliminate any bubbles you may have, while trying to install, just by simply pressing gently on them with your finger. All wraps must be applied dry and to a very clean, smooth surface. Boards not included.

Center hole is not pre-cut, which allows you to install the graphic to your custom built board, then cut the hole out with a razor blade. If you want to have a border around your board, just install the wrap as normal, then with a straight edge, trim off the outside edges to give yourself that 1" or 2" border to set the look off!!