How to Install Your Wrap

How to Play Cornhole

  • Boards are placed 27ft from front edge to front edge.
  • Games are played to 21 points.
  • Woody:Refers to any cornhole bag that has been pitched and remains on the cornhole board playing surface at the conclusion of the frame. Each woody is 1pt.
  • Cornhole – Refers to any cornhole bag that has been pitched and passes through the cornhole board hole at anytime within the frame. Each cornhole is 3pts.
  • A bag that comes to rest touching the ground AND the board does not count as a point.
  • Cancellation Scoring:The approved method of scoring for the sport of cornhole is “cancellation” scoring. In cancellation scoring, the points of one player cancel out the points of their opponent. Using this method, only one player/team can score in each frame.
  • Both players play one board at a time, and stay in their designated lane for the whole game (right or left).
  • Players start the game at board 1 and alternate pitching bags until each player has pitched all (4) of his/her bags.
  • Players then walk to the end of their lane to the other board, take score, and resume pitching back to the other cornhole board.
  • Players must deliver the bag with an underhand release.
  • Feet must stay behind the line of the front of the board at the time of releasing the bag.
  • The player/team who scored in the preceding frame pitches first in the next frame. If neither player/team scores, the player/team who pitched first in the
    preceding frame shall retain first pitch in the next frame.
  • If bags become piled inside the cornhole board hole and may interfere or obstruct with the next pitch or if there is question whether a cornhole bag would have
    naturally fallen through the hole, a player may request to “rake” the cornhole bags that have fallen inside the hole.

How to Make Your Own Boards

Follow this link here to detailed plans for building your own regulation size cornhole boards