About Us


Launched in March 2020, KT Cornhole Wraps LLC is a family owned and operated business.  During the COVID lockdowns of March of 2020 my son Tyler (age 15) and Kaitlyn (age 14) found themselves with all sports and school activities cancelled and placed into quarantine from friends.  Over the next 3 weeks, with school closed, my children were spending over 14 hours a day on their phones, Netflix, YouTube, and playing video games.  As a father observing this degradation, I could no longer watch my kids’ minds melt away in front of these electronics.  As a result, we came together and decided to start a business centered around something my family loves; The game of Cornhole.

Both of my children have learned a valuable lesson in entrepreneurship and what it takes to build a business from the ground up.  Both children learned about sweat equity, debt, project management, target marketing, web design, graphic design, and how to interview and hire contract labor.

Both teenagers were responsible for sourcing over a dozen web developers, writers, and graphic designers to produce and sell our designs through several e-commerce channels.  Both kids created over 100 listings in addition to launching several online marketplace stores.  As of the end of 2020, KT cornhole wraps has over 140 designs available for sale across six e-commerce channels.  The company in 2021 will be expanding product offerings from vinyl wraps to also include full tournament grade cornhole boards w/ direct printed graphics, custom score towers, and bags.