"POW MIA Cornhole Vinyl Wraps & Cornhole Boards (2 Pack) FH2099 KT Cornhole "
"POW MIA Cornhole Vinyl Wraps & Cornhole Boards (2 Pack) FH2099 KT Cornhole "
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, "POW MIA Cornhole Vinyl Wraps & Cornhole Boards (2 Pack) FH2099 KT Cornhole "

POW MIA Cornhole Vinyl Wraps & Cornhole Boards (2 Pack) FH2099

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3 Ways To Buy:

Express your love and patriotism to your country with our POW MIA Cornhole Game Boards. With our KT Cornhole POW MIA Cornhole Board Set, you can make sure brave soldiers are never forgotten. These cornhole board wraps are perfect for your next cornhole party, camping trip, to the big game, or anywhere else you want to play cornhole.

See the product descriptions below and choose between a do-it-yourself Vinyl Wrap on your boards, UV Direct Printed 3/4 in Baltic Birch tops mounted to your frames, or buy the ready to play, tournament grade, ACO/ACL regulation boards!

Note: Each Order is For a Pair of Wraps, Tops, or Boards.

Laminated Vinyl Wrap - We send this high-quality Vinyl wrap for you to install on your boards. All our wraps feature a matte laminate to reduce sunlight glare in addition to providing superior durability, water resistance, and harmful UV protection. This added laminate protection will keep your cornhole vinyl looking new for years of heavy play. Custom cornhole wraps are printed at 48.5 in x 24.5 in and trimmed to fit standard regulation boards.

Direct Printed Tops - We send you 2ft x 4ft Cornhole board Tops that you attached to your frames. These tops are premium 3/4" Baltic Birch.  The tops are direct printed through a UV print process for stunning colors.  Tops are coated with a thin layer of polyurethane to ensure durability and fast tournament game play.

Direct Printed Tournament Style Boards - We build the entire set for you to ACL & ACO Specifications. These boards are direct printed with the graphic and topped off with a few layers of high-grade clear coat for max performance and durability.  The board frames are strong pro-level 1 inch x 3 Baltic Birch plywood.  These boards are used for leagues and tournaments all over the country.

All products Ship Free! All products are made to order. Laminated wraps and direct printed tops ship in 3 business days. Fully Boards ship in 7 to 10 business days

Product Type: Cornhole Wrap
Material Type: Vinyl
Style: Laminated
Size: 24.0"X48.0"
Performance Level: Premium
Durability: Max 7 years
Printer Type: Piezo Ink Jet
Print Compatibility: Eco-Solvent
Adhesive Type: 3M Complyª
Adhesive Color: Gray
Imaging Method: Digital Print
Bubble: No
Shrinkability: No
Heat Requirement: No
Product Usage: Exterior/Interior
Service Temperature: -60¡C to +107¡C

Advantage of Lamination:

Increases the durability & longevity of print materials, allowing them to withstand frequent use
Adds protection against fingerprints and smudges, stains and spills, tears and wrinkles, marks and abrasions & other contaminants
Improves appearance by enhancing the ink colors of the printed piece that creates a more professional look and holds attention longer
Adds strength and stiffness, providing an impression of higher quality and importance
Completely transparent and does not impair or blemish the printing in any way.